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Here is where my work will be posted for the Caliburn Project. Caliburn (or Caliburnus) is another name for the sword Excalibur, which was bestowed upon Arthur by the Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian Legends - and sometimes thought to be a separate sword from the one pulled from the stone (sometimes known as Clarent in certain interpretations). This aside, Project Caliburn is about studying the Arthurian Legends on a deeper and more personal level, as I have a love of the legends I've never fully indulged in. It is also an artistic study in literally wielding my own abilities, making them stronger, and becoming more masterful of a craft I wish to pursue - my own grail, as it were. What I hope to achieve, and show, is an in depth study of the legends, and understanding of the lore, and for the results to show within my execution of the paintings I produce for this project. Most of the work will be done with any mixture and use of watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, graphite, and ink.