Update Time! Super Art Post and Nekocon!

Hello! I know I haven't updated here in some time but I've been super super busy with work, school, and preparing for a convention which is this weekend! If anybody sees this, I'll be in the Artist Alley at Nekocon in Hampton, VA.

Also, I have some new work that I've managed to finish up recently, so prepare for many images. firstly, I got my charms in! With the help of my lovely wife, they look amazing! This is my first time doing acrylic charms so I'm anxious to see how they'll do at the con. If the results are good I have plenty more I plan to try and make for next year, as I'll be widening my convention circuit hopefully.

Next is an edit of the previously posted Solas print. I got the color of the flames wrong, and I noticed some errors in the shading on the clothes and skintone because of how I initially went about painting it, so those got slapped into good ole photoshop and fixed up.

This is one of somewhere in the ballpark longrun of a planned 6-8 pieces done in ink wash and watercolor/acrylic of main title characters for Yu Yu Hakusho. I've been marathoning the series lately and thought it would be fun and one thing led to another and now there's a drawn out set of them. Hiei is the only one I've completely finished, with Kurama close in second. There will also be a Yusuke and Kuwabara, Koenma and Botan, and if I can I may try to squeeze in a Genkai and Yukina, but I'm not totally decided for sure on those two just yet. I'm pretty sure though that if I had enough time on my hands, my wife would have me to the entire cast for her.

The next one is a piece I'm surprised I even got done! I found out about an online zine that will be funded and printed, and is on it's second run this year. There was an open call for entries, and the theme was buff fantasy creature babes, so I went with a buff female amazonian warrior naga! She was extremely fun to do and I am so glad I got her done and submitted on time. She was done traditionally entirely, with calligraphy inks and watercolors, markers, and white acrylic for detailing/highlights, and some light adjustments done in photoshop. And she turned out amazing as a print, which I'll also have at the convention this weekend along with Solas, as I got permission for both to use as prints in advance. Entries are still being judged for the book submissions so here's hoping I can get in! ^.^

The last two are gifts that will also be prints, as they were for my wife and she wants them as prints just as much as I do. The first one is Rei and Nagisa from the anime series Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, in their desert theme outfits from the first season ending. Second is an update/edit of a piece I did much earlier this year of an original character in highlander warrior gear, that was put up in a display for a Sheroes event locally.

That's all for now! I hope to see people at Nekocon, I'll be doing prints, charms, bookmarks, I even added a small 24 page sketchbook up for grabs! It was interesting doing a book, I've never printed one before so it was a learning experience for sure, and I know what I'll be doing next time around.

Till next time!


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