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New Art In-Progress And a Long Overdue Update!

Oh my goodness, time has flown, and I have failed to update this site with anything new. I've admittedly done a much better job of at least keeping tabs on facebook and instagram the last several months. Truth be known things have been a bit crazy on my end with a rather vicious spring semester that took up all my free time followed by a summer of getting a brand new job that requires quite the commute and is an overnight shift alongside keeping my previous job part time all on top of school, so my schedule and ability to finish things has been rather nil as of late. But that is changing! I got a better job offer just yesterday and am in the hiring process so now I won't have to work two jobs and will be able to finish much more art instead of uploading a thousand sketches and in-progress pieces.Art news - I will be attending the Nekocon convention november 4-6 this year in the artist alley, and I am still holding out on word for a few more, so that will update with time as it happens. BUT! I also managed to gain myself a gallery show this upcoming February for the whole month, at Common Grounds in Greensboro, NC! My very first gallery show, and I am nervous and excited about it. Nervous mostly because I will have to put a lot of originals for sale and outside of privately commissioned pieces I'm not used to that in all perfect honesty, so this is new and exciting territory for me, and I hope it goes places. There is also a massive book project my wife and I are undertaking, and I will be uploading works in-progress of that here as well, so stay tuned (there are actually two I will have here below matter-of-fact ^.^

Ink transfer of a previously uploaded sketch of my rosebud lady, on pergamenata paper.

Privately commissioned piece of Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha. He is colored but I do not have a scan just yet.

Privately commissioned piece of Miroku from Inuyasha

Concept 1 of a character design for a project in-progress

A WIP of a commissioned piece that has sat around forever and is almost done.

Concept 2 - Character for a project

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