YAY! More Art!!!! Update!


It's been a few months, but things have been crazy. I've been working two jobs while waiting on word back from a third one that will enable me to just work that instead of two jobs, which will be so much nicer timewise for me to be able to do more art and get to shows easier next year. I have one show I'll be at in Hampton, VA in the next two weeks and I feel barely prepared for it, but I will do my best ^.^

Also, I have a bunch of new art (surprisingly!), several of which have been uploaded here in the gallery. I've been challenging myself to get as far as I can with Inktober this year and have had moderate success, as I'm a few days down now from being sick and busy at the same time and just not having enough hours or energy left to sketch the last few days. But I have managed to get some great looking print-worthy finish-worthy pieces out of it, 3 so far, and they have been uploaded into my originals gallery, and I will upload them here along with some others I have. There are a few in-progress fanarts that I have added to the fanart gallery as well as in this entry too.

I am still working on sketchwork for an upcoming show in the next 4 months and the sooner I can start this new job the faster I can work on finished pieces for it and the easier I can breathe for it all.

Until the next entry!


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