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New Art! - Art Show This Month! - New Everything!

Hey there, I haven't uploaded a single thing since October omg!

A lot of new things have been going on. House hunting, working on a possible new job offer, and I have my first gallery show this month, amongst so many things happening in my life right now.

I also got married this past month in January!!!!!!

Gonna be moving out here in the next couple of weeks into our new place, and might also be getting some confirmation on a brand new job that pays just as much as I am earning now between working two jobs so that means I'll only be working 40-50 hours a week instead of 70-80 and can have more time for projects in the near future! I look forward to so many things right now.

I just uploaded a bunch of new art, and I'll preview a few of them here so you can see, but the rest can be viewed in each of my galleries, as all 3 of them, original, fanarts, and sketches, all got additions added to them!

If anyone actually reads this and lives in the triad area of NC, I have an art show in Greensboro, NC at the Common Grounds Cafe on Elam friday the 24th of February at 6pm-8/9pm if anyone is interested!

Until next time!


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