Year-End Card and Holiday Commissions!

Hello folks! I am pleased to say my schedule has been lightening itself up lately and I'm getting into some more projects now (yes thank gawd!) I renewed my etsy and am still adding items as I go, and have a holiday....well....YEAR-END card in the works. I use "year-end" because the design started out with the idea of something neutral with snow and stars...and it migrated into having galaxies and shiny stuff so it's not really in that "holiday feel" vibe for a card, but I make a card every year and I really like this one so bygome it's my YEAR-END card LOL!

Also! I opened holiday commissions! I'm doing a short run of just a few slots available at a time (so as to not bog myself down too too much and all, but I am taking bust sketch commissions for only $15 each with the availability to ship just within the US or delivered locally to where I live if needed/possible. I will also be listing this on my Etsy tonight/tomorrow and will be sketching away at some other commissions and projects in the meantime while on vacay!


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