Finally An Update!

Hello all! It's been forever since I did any sort of update. I meant to do one around the holidays and we see how well that's March! I've gotten a lot of stuff done in the last few months and a few shows lined up to go to:

Festival of Legends: April 14 & 15, Booth 8

Greensboro Summer Solstice: June 23

Asheville Regional Anime Festival - July 28 & 29

I've also been diving into tea mixes, which I'll try to make a small gallery for here soon with more details as I get the mixes done. So far I have Earl Grey Lavender and Chammomile Vanilla, and will soon have a set of 4 RPG class teas themed around the Warrior, Rogue, Bard, and Wizard, with more of them themed to that set to follow as I get more mixes and artwork done for them.

And now for the artwork dump!

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