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Update - Shows and Shop Page!

Hello all!

Things have been busy over the last couple of months. I recently had a show at the Festival of Legends back in April, and it was a blast as well as a very new vending experience for me with a brand new kind of crowd. I also tried out some new merchandise that i think you will like my upcoming updates on! I've been diving into tea mixing and vending and hope to do more with it in the near and dear future, so there will soon be a new page dedicated to tea mixes coming soon - as soon as I can get some proper pictures updated that aren't blurry phone-cam pics and ingredients listed. As of right now I'm getting my mixes via adagio and local sourcing, but I hope to outsource and go larger and start hand-mixing, but there are a lot of things to do and figure out before then. Gotta do this right!

Also! I have another show coming up in July from the 27-29 in Asheville, the Asheville Anime Regional Convention. I also have hopes for Nekocon in November, but that application is currently pending, and will be updated on accordingly.

I swear I've gotten work done in the meantime. I finished an entire RPG set and have plans to add one or two more, my next piece for it being the Cleric, then the Archer. I have some of my recent commission and freebie work posted below!

Also! I have added a direct shop page for my Etsy on here as well as consolidated my about and resume pages into one, and added new images to the galleries, and added a commissions page! I am open for commissions for feel free to check out the page and email me if you have any questions at all or if you are interested!

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