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More Commission Work And Updates!


Another update yay!

This time I have another commission that I've finally gotten started on. I still need to do the ink wash on it but that will be getting done this weekend along with some more commissions that need starting on as well.

As far as other updates, you can look forward to seeing me at the Festival of Legends again next April 14-15. It was so much fun for my first booth this year and a totally new experience. And I got accepted into next year!

Conventions that are pending for me include:

*Nekocon - in November

*Ohayocon - in January

*MagFest - in January

*Katsucon - in February

I'm rather proud of the inking on this one. My commissioner requested an ink and monotone style much like my Dryad piece so I am trying my best to replicate that as best as I can. It is their OC Tarathiel, and it was requested he look wounded and defeated wandering through a dead forest.

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