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Holiday Card Prep And Other Art News

Hello Everyone!

It's been another while since my last update. I've been unfortunately very busy with a school semester. I'm in my final two semesters before graduating and even at part-time status it's been killing my schedule with my free time with Capstone class work. I'm trying.

Anywho. A few updates. I don't have photos right now but will this week as I finish edits. I've finished a few new pieces and am nearly finished with my holiday card for this year. Below is a picture in progress.

Went to Nekocon at the beginning of November and had a blast, met up with artists I enjoy meeting up with and made some new friends. In the next coming week I'll have new art and sales uploaded to my etsy, as it's expired everything I had listed is no longer on the site, but that will change shortly within the week along with brand new merchandise being listed as well. I'll also list a holiday sale too.

Another listing I will have is a holiday pricing on commissions. I won't be able to guarantee delivery by the actual Christmas date but I can guarantee anything taken before the 14th should be getting sent out by New Years or right after the 1st as best as I can work on them, as my semester ends on the 5th of December. I'll be having a special 25% off on my bust commissions for sketched/inked/colored pieces, and also on full body sketches. Inked and colored fulbody pieces unfortunately won't be available until after New Years.

Anywho, things to look forward to!

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