03/20/2019 - New Art and New Things!

Hello All!

It's been a busy busy last few months. The holidays came and went, I finally finished my holiday card just in the nick of time too.

There have been other pieces finished and new things that have been done in the last few months have been posted in the gallery and I'll put some at the bottom of the journal for you to see.

I had a minor procedure done and work's been very busy and my final semester started which has tied up quite a bit of my free time outside of work - my capstone classes have required no small amount of writing and a lot of sitdown time. But I won't lie though - I took the first good week of February to relax for a minute and play Kingdom Hearts 3 and Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition when they both came out.

There will be even more art soon as I've been finishing up some graphics for some tea mixes I've experimented with making for myself - they are all fantasy class and element themed. I'm also very behind on personal projects and such and need to play catch-up with that and do better. My Etsy will finally be getting an update here soon as I have a show I'll be attending in Mid-April.

Shows for this year (Thus Far) :

*Festival of Legends - April 13-14, Optimist Farm, Apex, NC

*Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival - June 22, Greensboro, NC

*Asheville Anime Regional Convention (AARC) - June 29-30, Asheville, NC

*Nekocon (Tentatively) - November 1-3, Hampton, VA

I hope to see some of you there at any of these shows!



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