5/26/19 - Shows Update

I am still so terrible at keeping up with these blog posts >.<'

And I swear that I've been working on things. For the most part it's been smaller stuff and some fill-ins. But I have also been working on a couple of side projects as well.

One of those projects has to do with tea. I mix my own custom tea mixes and have started displaying and selling them at small local and nonlocal faires and they have done rather well. Most of those can be found listed currently in my etsy shop >>


I do have a list of shows that I have done this year, and I'll be trying to build that up in the future. I went to the Fairy Festival of Legends which was on April 13/14 just last month and it was a super success! We got rained on quite a bit but it was a rain or shine event and a lot of people still braved the rain and muddy parking area, and I sold out of almost all of my teas as well as several more pieces of art and prints than I ever expected would sell. So here is a list of the shows I'm participating this year:

*Greensboro Summer Solstice - June 22, Greensboro, NC *Asheville Regional Comic/Anime Convention - June 29/30, Asheville, NC *Nekocon - November 1-3, Hampton, VA

*(Tentative) Festival in Greenville, SC - March

I will have artwork updates posted soon.


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