Major Site Updates Coming Soon


Just wanted to give an update for upcoming site updates and events and projects as I again haven't updated in a few months.

I've got one show left for this year, and that is Nekocon on Oct.31-Nov.3

I'm waiting on the possibility to apply for and hopefully get into several more shows and events next year:




Festival of Legends

Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire



Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival

Anime Weekend Atlanta

Gencon Indy


I'll also be doing a lot of site overhaul as I can. Going to try and get an actual storefront set up that isn't directly through Etsy. I'll be posting more actively for commission openings and events, and adding newer art. I'm also finally starting prelim work on a big project for myself and am submitting art to a few gallery shows so expect a lot more art here shortly in the future as I'm actually working on things right now.


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