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End of the Year, Art, Commissions, Updates

Hello All!

It has once again been several months since I last updated, and I truly hate how untidy I am with regular updates. September and October were really big messes for me schedule wise, but I do have a lot of new and incoming artwork, and will be making another post here in the next coming weeks as I finish the last of my convention commissions and get them posted, as well as updates on my annual holiday card and 2020 projects lineup.

I got a lot of commissions done at Nekocon this year, and have at least 2 ren-faires lined up in April this coming year if nothing gets in their way schedule wise.

Festival of Legends

Enchanted Chalice Faire

Those are what I have solidly lined up for 2020 thus far, and will be putting my name in the hat for Animazement and Otakon and Nekocon as their applications come up.

Below are some of the artworks that I've been finishing up through the convention.....some of them were finished at the convention and taken with my phone as I was unable to scan them there, but the ones I've taken home and mailed out that are finished have been scanned in higher res. I will update this blog within the week as well as my galleries as I finish commissions!

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