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It's Been A While.....

Wow my last post was from 11/2019...that's been a solid minute.

A lot of stuff DIDN'T actually happen during 2020. I stagnated terribly and sunk into just my day (read: night) job and continued college studies.

And not for not completely doing anything - I excelled in my career quite a bit, which has been awesome, and finished a minor degree, and picked up a secondary Bachelor's program that applies to my career. So I didn't completely stagnate......I just wan't doing much art.

Shows dried up, and I became ultra depressed. Getting back on track has been a trial and a half. But I started back on a few projects recently and it's been helping me out a lot. Got the office organized much better and really feel more at home now that it's getting finally and truly cleaned up and feeling more like an actual work space again.

For my birthday this year, my wife got me a thing I have really wanted for a while - a glass mixing plate and muller, which I will now be using to experiment with mixing my own pigments, so stay tuned.

I did start messing around with Procreate more and it's been wonderful for spot sketching. And I found a use for TikTok believe it or not! Posting the timelapse videos has been motivating, so long as I stay off TikTok for anything else and not get sunk into sitting there for hours thumbing through a gagillion videos back to back LOL XD

The website is getting cleaned up this week finally and I'll be messing around with getting both my Etsy and a home shop set up here and an updated resume and commissions page, so stay tuned!

~Pam M. "Sketchymaloo"

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