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My name is Pamela Miller, and I am an artist by day, and a 911 Operator by night. I dabble in the affairs of watercolors and simple pencil work primarily with my work, and have a deep love and side hobby of tea mixing.

>>>>My resume can be see here <<<<

I attended the Academy of Art University (AAU) and studied for my BFA in Fine Arts - Traditional Illustration.

Currently I live in the Piedmont-Triad area with my wife and our 4 cats Watson, Sherlock, Sumi, and Una.

For commission information, please email me at >> << as well as for any further questions you have.  I can also be found via the above social link buttons @Sketchymaloo on Instagram and Twitter.

Aside from my current portfolio of work, I currently have a project I am working on based on Arthurian Legend, which started as a way to focus on achieving better results in my work, strengthening myself in my chosen medium, and challenging myself to try new things or get better in areas I know I am weak in, as well as indulge myself in a chosen topic I have a deep love for. I've found Arthurian Legend fascinating since my childhood but was unsure if I'd ever be able to tackle the topic artistically. Feel free to check the portfolio page for it - Caliburnus - to see the results of my in progress efforts.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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